Packages to suit your event...

As well as a full five piece band (which can increase to seven with sax and trumpet), we also offer a number of smaller line ups to help clients who are looking for something more specific and bespoke. Packages can be combined into a single event, for example, our acoustic trio can perform during your drinks reception followed by our full band in the evening for the main event!


Five-piece band

Male and female vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass guitar and drums.


Four-piece band

Male and female vocals, guitar, bass guitar and drums.

A great option for those who want a scaled down version of our regular band to suit budgets and tighter performance spaces

Acoustic Trio:

Female and male vocals, acoustic guitar and percussion

The Valleys.JPG

The Valleys - vocal trio

Performing arrangements of classic motown, ballads and even musical theatre, this trio will add harmonic sparkle to your ceremony or reception.